Air Cool Wheel Air Cool Wheel


Air Cool Wheel
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Air Cool Wheel

Made from Non Woven Abrasive Material Impregnated With Aluminium Oxide dor Silicon Carbide Abrasive

Application :
• Produce Lusterous Satin Finish on any type of metal Ferrous and Non Ferrous

Advantage :
• It Can be Use with or without Polishing Composition
• Cool Process of Working

Size :
OD : 250mm-- 300mm-- 350mm-- 400mm
ID : 75mm - 125mm - 150mm - 180mm

Waterproof Abrasive Paper

Waterproof Abrasive Paper Exporters
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Grain :
Aluminium Oxide / Sillicon Carbide

Backing :
Craft Paper / Latex Paper

Application :
• Ideal for automobile, Furniture, leather, cases of electrical household appliances and mechanical components grinding for wood & paints

Advantage :
• Uniform workpiece surface
• No Dust Pollution

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