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Sisal Cloth Buff

Non Woven Flap
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  • Made from selected verity of Sisal cloth with alternate level of Sisal ply and equal thick layer of cloth ply and sewed tightly with best quality thread.
  • Used for cutting down operation & removal of marks of previous grinding operation of steel and Stainless Steel product.
  • Available in 1/2” thick Section (upto 2.1/2” thick with washer)
  • Center hore as per requirement for 1/2” thick Section.

  • Fastpol Mops

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    “Fastpol Mops” posses the following advantages:
  • Being “Bias Cut”, it tends to cut faster and ensure maximum life.
  • Ready for immediate use without “Ranking”.
  • Composition adheres more readily to the “Puckered” material.
  • Cool working of the mops reduces composition wastage.
  • No clogging of dust extraction equipments.
  • 1 section of 16 Fold. Approx. thick 1/2” (center bore as required)

  • Bias Air Cool Buff

    Non Woven Roll Manufacturers
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  • This buff made by using highest quality cotton sheeting and held by evenly & closely distributed teeth of steel ring center.
  • Due to Bias cutting of cloth and self cooling property this buff posses following advantages:
    1. Being “Bias Cut” it intends to cut faster and ensure maximum life.
  • 2. Best suitable for flat or contoured work.
    3. Ready for immediate use without “Ranking”.
    4. Composition adheres more readily to the Bias cur material and does not fray thus reduce wastage of composition.
    5. Due to Bias cut cloth no clogging of dust extraction equipment.

    Jewellery Buffing Mops

    Non Woven Roll Manufacturers
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    These buff are manufactured from best carded yarn cloth considering requirement of Jewellery Industry. These circular stitch buff are according to Industry standard and ideal for Jewellery buffing and it is also suitable for Non-Metallic Article.

    Available with leather washer or chemical hardened center for using on tapper spindle buffing machine.

    There are five different variety has been developed considering specific requirement of party to party.

    Yellow Treated: Made from closely woven heavy treated cloth to remove scratches from work piece.
    Grey Treated Buff: Made from closely woven fine variety of light treated cloth for removing super facial scratch and general buffing prior to fine finishing.
    Grey Muslin Buff: Made from loose woven medium count cloth to suit your work piece. Used with rough & Tripoli.
    Grey Finex Buff: Made from fine variety of cloth to use with rough to obtain high finish.
    Bleach Finex Buff: Made from fine variety of bleach calico to obtain high finish.

    Available size : 2” to 10”
    No. of Fold : 30 to 60 (either stitch or loose)
    No. of Stitch : As per your requirement
    Other sizes are also available.

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