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Hand pad & Non Woven Roll

Non Woven Flap
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Made from non woven nyloin material impregnated with Aluminium oxide or sillicon Carbide Abrasive Grain

Grade :
Coarse, Medium, Fine Very Fine & Ultra Fine
• Rust & Corrosion removal
• Cleaning & Finishing of Die & Mould
• Edge Braking & Hand deburring of metal, Plastic & Wood

Advantage :
• Can be Washed & reused
• Flecible & Can Suit Any Shape
• Three-dimensional structure of grain make - work easier

Matt Buff & Gang Disc

Interleave Brush Manufacturers Mumbai
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We offer Matt Buff & Gang Disc which find various reuirements in a large scale of industries. These are best for any uneven space and eliminates the abrasive cut

Non Woven Flap & Interleave Brush
We manufacture and supply Non Woven Flap & Interleave Brush that caters to the large number of demands of various industries. These are idle for any but not much uneven surface.

Unified Polish wheel and brush
We offer a wide range of Unified Polish Wheel and Brush to meet the numeorus requirements of various industries.There is no clogging of wheel happen here.

Non Woven Flap & Interleave Brush

Non Woven Roll Manufacturers
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Non Woven nylon material with Aluminium Oxide or silicon sarbide arranged in form of brush as well as alternate layer of abrasive coated cloth roll

Grade :
Medium, Fine Very Fine & Ultra Fine

Application :
• Finishing of Fabrcation work
• General Decorative finish on any metallic surface or Wooden  Article
• Light Deburring

Advantage :
• Uniform Surface Finish
• No cloging and keep the work Place Clean compare to set up Wheel
• Ideal for use on little uneven surface

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